“Transcendentalist Intersections: Literature, Philosophy, Religion” University of Heidelberg, Germany, July 26 – 29, 2018

Sponsored by the Ralph Waldo Emerson Society, the Margaret Fuller Society, and the Anglistisches Seminar and Center for American Studies at the University of Heidelberg

At its first meeting in 1836, the Transcendental Club declared an “organ of spiritual philosophy” to be essential to the project, and, when The Dial came forth in 1840 under Margaret Fuller’s editorship, its subtitle—“Literature, Philosophy, and Religion”—was meant to convey both the breadth and depth of the movement’s aims. As Emerson introduced it, the ambitious new journal would “share [in such] impulses of the time” as “special reforms to the state,” “modifications of the various callings of men,” “opening a new scope for literature and art,” “philosophical insight,” and “the vast solitudes of prayer.”

In the spirit of The Dial, and with its subtitle too, “Transcendentalist Intersections” seeks to do justice to both the breadth and depth of the movement, generously construed.  With more than sixty presenters from around the world as well as three keynote speakers from the fields of literature, philosophy, and history, “Transcendentalist Intersections” will be among the largest and most interdisciplinary conferences ever held on American Transcendentalism.